Frequently asked questions

For whom is MTM-Easy suitable?

MTM-Easy is suitable for companies and manufacturing areas that do not have time data or experience with time management methods.  

What can I do with MTM-Easy?   

With MTM-Easy, you can map workplaces and determine assembly times for individual work steps or entire products. To calculate the time required for the work steps to be performed, simply select the necessary activities from our activity catalog. If you want to determine the total assembly time for a product, combine several work steps into operations, products or assemblies. We will be happy to show you exactly how this works in our webinars and tutorials.

With MTM-Easy, you can evaluate your current consumption times and perform benchmarking. Use the determined assembly time as a target value and plan measures to reduce your consumption times. We are happy to support you in this process.

What is the MTM benchmark time? 

The MTM benchmark time is the time in which a work task can be performed in a work system. It is based on the MTM method, the globally recognized standard for human work design.

What is included in the MTM benchmark time?  

The MTM benchmark time consists of three components. First: The basic time required for the actual execution of the activity.  Second: The time taken to cover distances involved in performing the activity. Third: A percentage of time is also given due to the conditions of the working environment.

Are surcharges (auxiliary times) included in the MTM benchmark time?  

The MTM benchmark time includes surcharges that closely relate to standard auxiliary times.

Any additional questions? We will be happy to answer them.